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Firstly, we send you an email outlining what we do for our sellers, a link to our Google, Yelp, and Zillow reviews, and a comprehensive valuation report on your property.

We will also attach a “Home Seller’s” guide, and a link to a “Seller’s Questioner” that we will ask you to fill out before our meeting.

Secondly, we set up a time to meet, and tour your home!

This meeting can be 30 min to an hour.

Here are the 5 steps


At our first meeting:

  • Go over all your needs and expectations.
  • Go over all the comparable sales. 
  • Explain market conditions and discuss strategy. 
  • Lay out ALL your options so you can be confident in all aspects of your move.
  • Talk about improvements (if any), and staging, and discuss with you the benefits of our exclusive “Concierge” services.
  • We show you case studies on how our marketing strategies have worked in the past to get sellers top dollar in any given market.
  • We go over all strategies with you and the process from A to Z so you can be confident in all your decisions. 
  • We recommend vetted Packers, Movers, Stagers, Cleaners, Painters, Handymen, Contractors, Landscapers, Lenders, CPAs, Hardscapers, Inspectors, and all key vendors to help you make your move easy and successful. 
  • We also prepare for you a Seller’s Estimate so you will know approximately what you’ll be netting out of your sale.

Once you sign a listing agreement with us:

  • Get you all the help needed to get you and your home ready for the market
  • Get pre-listing inspections and disclosures done
  • Set up a staging consultation 
  • Start the pre-listing marketing hype, and create a huge BUZZ over your home before it hits the market. 
  • Set up a LIVE VALUATION for your neighborhood, so you can keep an eye on the market just like we do.
  • Set up media day, usually after staging, where we have our drone and cinematic crew along with photographers taking beautiful images, drone and lifestyle videos of your home to campaign on multiple on and offline channels.

Listing Launch:

  • During the first week, we advertise the home on MLS and invite all the local brokers over for a Brokers tour where we serve food and drink and a prize giveaway. This tour is crucial and we take it very seriously. We ask for feedback from local brokers and share it with you.
  • Mega Open House first weekend; we run digital ads, pass out flyers in the neighborhood, list on all major real estate websites, and a Sat and Sun open house. Refreshments and water at all open homes. 
  • We continue to run AI online marketing Ads until the home is sold.
  • Our campaigns are smart AI-driven and targeted to find the buyer who is most likely to buy your home.
  • We track and measure all marketing efforts and give you analyzed feedback on all campaigns every week until the home is sold.

Once your home is under contract:

  • We negotiate hard on your behalf and keep your interest above everyone during the escrow process. 
  • We have a team of escrow coordinators that will give you a timeline of all the sensitive dates and update you on all. We find sellers have a much more satisfying transaction when they know exactly what is happening next, and we make it easy to do just that.
  • We advocate for you all the way to close
  • Close out with our closing gift to you and your family

After Close VIP program:

  • We do not just disappear after you sell. 
  • Most sellers are also a buyer and we also can help you with your purchase. If you are moving out of state we have partner agents that are just as dedicated as us to our clients that we can refer you to.
  •  Our clients LVOE our VIP program. This program includes invitations to 4 events per year. E-waste recycling event, Summer Free move nights, Spring Ice Cream Social, and Fall Appreciation Party. (Investor Seminars) coming soon. 
  • We also provide you with a digital valuation report twice a year on your home. Which allows you to follow the value of your home accurately, unlike proven false algorithms such as Zestimates or HomeBots. 
  • And finally, we stay in touch once a week via email. Our  “Into the Weekend with Gigi” email newsletter has weekly curated local events, lifestyle tips, home decor ideas, our blog, and the real estate section. Our clients love it and thank us for it.

**For Sellers who choose to sell using Compass Concierge: Compass Concierge is designed for home sellers who want to flip their own homes before selling using our funding, at no extra cost or interest!

We have partnered up with Notable Capital to offer our sellers funds to get their home market ready. Sellers get fronted up to $50,000 at no cost or fees or interest ever! This money can go towards painting, landscaping, minor updates, major updates, or any moving costs. You get a credit card in the mail after being approved for this program and voila the funds are available for you to pay any vendor you choose. Whatever you use on the card is paid back through escrow. Not a dime more, no interest, and no fees are charged to you. This is exclusive to Compass! Other places charge you more to get the funds.

How it works:

- We help you determine which services can deliver the greatest return on your investment. The entire process is designed for speed, so that work can begin — and your home can sell — as quickly as possible.
- Sellers can choose their own vendors or get a list of our trusted vendors.
- Once you decide on what updates you would like to do in your home, whether it's just painting or a major renovation, we offer a design and setup service. We have redesigned many spaces including fireplaces, kitchens, and bathrooms. We know where to source all the material, we know what's in stock and choose materials based on your budget and timeline. We also know what paint colors are trending and can help you maximize your efforts in making your home stand out and be irresistible to home buyers. This is a huge added value to any seller and we can provide this service for you along with listing and selling your home.
- Most sellers just give us keys and so Gigi, go…..This is where we shine at what we do and we have a ton of case studies to back this up. An average of 7 to 8 properties a year are designed, funded, and sold using this amazing program. Results are: Average of 12% profit gain to the sellers.

My Spotlight

Key Terms


Assessment of the property’s market value, for the purpose of obtaining a mortgage and performed by a licensed appraiser.


Certain criteria that have to be met in order to finalize the sale.

Earnest Money Deposit

Buyers in California usually deposit 3% of the purchase price to show that the buyer is serious about purchasing the home. It is usually refundable in the event a contingency in the sales contract cannot be met.

Assessed Value

Value placed upon property for property tax purposes by the Tax Collector.

Conventional Mortgage

A mortgage or Deed of Trust not obtained under a government-insured program such as FHA or VA.

Fixed Rate Mortgage

A loan on which the interest rate and monthly payment do not change.

Closing Costs

Expenses incidental to a sale of real estate, such as loan fees, appraisal fees, title insurance and escrow fees.


This is the investment a homeowner has in their home. To calculate equity, take the market value of the home and subtract any mortgages or liens against the property. The amount leftover is the amount of equity you have in the home.


Money given to a buyer from a seller through escrow or closing.

Home Warranty

A policy that covers certain repairs (e.g. plumbing/heating) of a newly purchased home for a period of time, typically one year.

Closing Statement

The statement which lists the financial settlement between Buyer & Seller, and the costs each must pay.


A neutral third party that handles the transfer of any money during the sale of a home from initial deposit to final funding and closing.

Preliminary Title Report

A report showing the condition of the title before a sale or loan transaction. After completion of the transaction, a new title insurance policy will be issued.

Title Insurance

Insurance to protect the buyer and lender against losses arising from disputes over the ownership of a property.

Recording Fees

Money paid to the lender for recording a home sale with the local authorities, thereby making it part of the public records.
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